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Matthew J. O’Connor has over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City and a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, MO, and across the State of Missouri.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, Matthew O’Connor’s law firm has a wealth of experience, both in and out of the courtroom. His renowned law firm has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for his clients, and he will fight hard to win your case. His extraordinary skills and legal experience in personal injury cases have resulted in many successes for his clients. He treats each case as if it were the only one – because he knows that your case is the only one that matters to you. When it comes to personal injury, The O’Connor Law Firm knows that improving clients’ lives and getting the compensation they deserve is an important job and will work on your case to get the outcome you deserve. Matthew’s passion as a lawyer is to give his clients the best possible service and provide the outcome they desire in each and every case. There are many lawyers in Kansas City, but very few who treat each case as if it were their own. Must Read For Injury Victims: Hiring lawyers from a reputable law firm to represent you for your car accident injury claim typically increases your chances of receiving a fair settlement from the insurance company. Allstate Insurance Company performed research that showed “represented claims [i.e. injured person hires lawyers] settle for 2-3 times more than unrepresented claims [injured person represents themselves without advice from lawyers].” (See Allstate Unrepresented Adjuster Training Manual, July 1995.) Adjusters are taught and are highly motivated to persuade the injured party to settle quickly and prior to obtaining counsel from lawyers (as soon as the day of or the day following the accident). This is done to save the insurance company money. Insurance companies typically request a document be signed right away, which will relieve them of damages in exchange for a check. This check is smaller than what you are entitled to receiving after your lawyers carefully analyze the damages you have suffered. Whether you have been in a car accident, vehicle rollover, slip and fall incident, obtained spinal cord injuries or suffered any injuries due to the accidental or purposeful carelessness of others, the advice of experienced lawyers is essential for getting you the compensation you deserve. Contact The O’Connor Law Firm immediately for a free consultation. Our law firm also handles cases helping family members of those involved in wrongful death situations.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Kansas City

When it comes to criminal defense, Matthew J. O’Connor delivers a level of quality, care and personal attention that you won’t receive from any other lawyers. He realizes the charges you face may be tough, and he is prepared to aggressively defend you. If you need a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer, he possesses the experience and qualifications needed to win your case. Another thing that sets him apart from other lawyers is that he was previously a professor of the law of evidence. He realizes the devastation a criminal charge can cause, and will fight for your freedom. If you find that you are faced with criminal charges, Matthew J. O’Connor is one of the most highly recommended and experienced lawyers in the Kansas City area. When it comes to your life and freedom, choose one of Kansas City’s most results-driven lawyers. The O’Connor Law Firm has extensive experience and great success in the area of federal criminal defense. The federal court system requires lawyers to have a high level of skill and experience in the particular area of law. Whether you are facing federal drug charges or have been charged with a white collar crime, such as money laundering, embezzlement, forgery, mail fraud, internet fraud, bank fraud or identity theft, Matt O’Connor has the experience to help you.

DUI Lawyer

Matthew O’Connor possesses almost two decades of experience as a lawyer successfully handling DUI or DWI charges. If you are seeking Kansas City DUI lawyers, contact Matthew O’Connor for a free consultation. The O’Connor Law Firm also assists clients with charges of possession of a controlled substance. At the O’Connor Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our discreet and confidential handling of clients’ cases. You can rest assured that we will treat your case with the utmost level of discretion and confidentiality. Be sure to stop by and visit our blog regarding recent news and information about our reputable law firm.

Divorce Lawyer

Marriage is a contract. And the decision to end that contract can be hard. When the time comes to file for divorce, you need a divorce lawyer that understands the law, your rights, property issues, and family law issues. Matt O’Connor is a divorce lawyer who will go to bat and court for you and will do his very best not to make, what may be a bad situation, worse. Hire a divorce lawyer who is anything but typical, call Matt O’Connor and see for yourself.

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