My Philosophy is The Laws of the Practice

  1. A legal practice should offer the lawyer the opportunity to thrive as an attorney and maximize the use of their legal and personal skills to improve their clients’ lives, the community, and enhance their feeling of self-worth and contribution.
  2. A legal practice should never lose focus that the practice of law is a privilege afforded by the people.
  3. The practice of law is a profession and carries with it the pressures of any business.  The lawyer should temper his desire to succeed with service to the community.
  4. A lawyer should be compensated for his stock in trade-advice and time, while maintaining low overhead costs so as to provide cost-effective representation.
  5. When the shadow of injustice threatens to enshroud a client, a lawyer’s practice should allow the flexibility for a sliding scale of fees so that clients deserving of quality representation are not offered up to the pressures of the bottom line.
  6. A lawyer should temper his practice with the knowledge that as attorneys and counselors at law we have a duty to advise our clients on the law and implications of their decision to their family and community.
  7. A lawyer should never stray from what is moral nor place personal morals above the client’s rights and desires.
  8. A lawyer should never represent a client that troubles the lawyer’s conscience. Each client deserves a lawyer dedicated to his or her cause in heart, mind, and soul.
  9. A lawyer should seek out ways to improve the law through diligent efforts to change the laws that are oppressive, unjust, and immoral.
  10. When the practice of law is no longer a means of wielding the sword of justice, a lawyer should search out clients and causes that stoke the fire of the lawyer’s passions.