Can a Breathalyzer on Your iPhone Prevent a DUI?

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Consumers are seriously attached to their smartphones, and many of those people are iPhone users. Now a developer has created a breathalyzer that’s intended to help reduce DUIs. Any DUI lawyer has to like the idea of preventing any of the DUI accidents and arrests that happen every year. Unlike the previously released breathalyzer apps […]

Predictive Modeling and Personal Injury Law

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A personal injury lawyer must always be on the lookout for new trends that might affect their practice. One such trend is the growing reliance of insurers on predictive modeling. While a personal injury lawyer might decide to work for clients who are being given the runaround by an insurance company, others work for the […]

What You Need to Know About Dog Custody and Divorce

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A divorce lawyer intimately understands the pain associated with ending a marriage. Complex issues must be resolved, and the process is fraught with painful emotions. In recent years, a legal practitioner working as a divorce lawyer has seen a growing trend toward pet parenting plans. Divorce Lawyer for Pet Owners To the non-pet owner such […]

How Being Rear-Ended Affects Your Body

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Few people understand how common car crashes are. A personal injury lawyer, on the other hand, understands all too well that car accidents frequently happen. Further, almost any personal injury lawyer would probably say that most of these accidents are rear-end collisions. The Damaging Effects of a Rear-End Collision In the practice of the personal […]

Can You Be Charged with Drugged Driving?

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A number of substances may affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Most people realize that drinking and driving is a risky choice, but driving after taking any kind of drug can also be hazardous. Whether you are arrested for drinking and driving or being under the influence of some other substance, a […]

Will My DUI Case Be Dismissed if the Police Officer Isn’t Present?

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Many defendants who have been charged with a DUI mistakenly believe that their case will be dismissed if the police officer does not appear in court. While many traffic infractions are dismissed when the ticketing officer fails to appear, the standards are different in a DUI case. That’s why it’s important for defendants to hire […]

Superlawyer 2014


Matthew J. O’Connor and the O’Connor Law Firm, P.C. is proud to be selected again this year as a Superlawyer . With over 21 years of sharpened experience, the firm continues to strive each day to produce the results for clients that will again achieve Superlawyer recognition. Honors and awards are beacons of our current […]

Can a Public Defender Handle My DUI Case?

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The consequences of a DUI conviction may include jail time and fines. Some people lose their driver’s license temporarily and must serve probation. Clearly, DUI charges can significantly affect your lifestyle for months or even years after the incident. Why You Need a DUI Lawyer That’s why hiring a DUI lawyer is so important. It […]